Trash and Treasure

Veronica Milburn & Joel Fowler

Dancing for PG Hospice Palliative Care Society

About the Dancers

Paz’s daughter, Veronica Milburn was born and raised in Prince George. With zeal for discovery, she left her hometown after high school to spend time travelling, eventually ending up in Aberdeen, Scotland. There she anchored her roots for several years, while going to University and working at a training centre for young adults with additional support needs. The changes that Covid-19 brought to the world led her back to Prince George to be with her family. Shortly after she met Joel and decided that PG was the right place to settle down. Veronica is currently a Legal Assistant at Traxler Haines Law Firm. In her free time you will find her in the garden, sauntering down town or in local parks, and now dancing. Despite her connection to Paz and Peter, creating and performing a structured dance routine will be a first for her, as her only previous dance moves were bopping her head at the local pub.

Also born and bred in Prince George, Joel Fowler took an interest in music at an early age. He played and jammed with a variety of local artists throughout the years, eventually joining the popular metal band Axis Disrupt. Joel is currently an Environmental Supervisor for Canfor Pulp. In his free time you’ll find him dancing at music festivals and doing the odd gig at local pubs and bars. Joel’s multi instrument musical talents will surely prove to serve him in this challenge to learn some dazzling disco moves.

As trash and treasure, Joel and Veronica look forward to rallying community members to support hospice for the boogie with the stars event, whilst stretching their limbs in ways they’ve never known!