Dancefloor Dreamers

Angela McLaren & Michelle Loucks

Dancing for PG Humane Society

About the Dancers

Angela McLaren and Michelle Loucks, partners in life and dance, with a mission to groove for a good cause. This dynamic duo is fueled by their love for animals and an unexpected talent for dancing (or at least they think so). Angela, who originally from South Africa, decided she’d rather dance through life than walk. She’s also the founder and Executive Director of the Prince George Humane Society and her heart beats for the non-profit sector, with a particular interest in fundraising.

Now, there’s Michelle. She’s our Northern star who swears that the North has the best dance moves. Her garden gnomes might even moonlight as backup dancers when she’s not looking. By day, she’s got the whole UNHBC medical world under control, but by night, she’s the Pinterest Queen, making sure their home is “Pinterest-worthy” from every angle.

Together, they share their lives with two sassy feline companions who likely have more opinions on dance than they do. They are probably the real dance critics in the house, and with every judgmental meow and disapproving paw gesture, they keep Angela and Michelle on their toes (literally).
Angela and Michelle have taken on the “Boogie with the Stars” challenge, not because they’re dance prodigies, but because their hearts are as big as their ambition to help animals in need.