Covid Update – January 2022:

The “Stars” are all lining up, both figuratively and literally – we want passionately for Season 8 to finally become reality as “BWTS 2022” – it is set for New Year’s Eve, Saturday Dec 31st, 2022, now twelve years since we put together our first event.  We have decided on the theme, “The Roaring 20’s”, and considering how long we have been on hold with Covid, when BWTS finally gets here, letting loose of all our pent-up energy promises to be epic.  We are very much looking forward to being there, so why not plan to join us and make it the best one yet!

Original Post:

 “Boogie with the Stars” is part of a fun-filled, biennial New Year’s Eve gala event held in Prince George on even years.  The evening is primarily one of music and dance for everybody, with a first class buffet dinner and great entertainment, together with a fundraiser that has a strong focus on caregiving in Northern BC in coordination with key healthcare organizations and charities in our area.

The evening came about as a result of the two of us wanting to experience an elegant New Years Eve function, where we could share the evening with good company, enjoying good food, good music and good dancing, all taking place under the roof of a prestigious and welcoming venue.  There was simply nowhere that already offered all this, so we decided to set up our own event.  After several years of reflection and planning, we took a deep breath and walked into the Prince George Civic Centre one day in 2010 to put down a deposit and reserve the evening of December 31st, a Friday which seemed perfect, and so BWTS was conceived.  We have since moved on to the fabulous new Show Lounge at the Treasure Cove Casino, an exciting, spacious new venue that will be a real showstopper, taking NYE in Prince George to a whole new level, and the best part, anyone has the opportunity to be a part of this gala experience.

For each event we look to high quality entertainment in order to add colour, flare, energy and elegance to the evening.  The entertainment is carefully chosen to enhance this gala evening, blending visual entertainment with the dance floor and a variety of music, where folks can simply sit and watch, or get involved at their own level of comfort and activity.  We have seen music from Boogie to Big Bands, from out-of-town entertainers such as the Elvis Impersonator to high calibre local bands such as Pink Champagne, as well as the generous participation of Dave Mothus & The Entertainment Group.

The Dance Competition segment of the evening is based on the concept of the highly successful TV show, “Dancing with the Stars” where we put a cast of local celebrities and people of notoriety together with local dance instructors for a dance competition like no other in Prince George.  Our Stars have included Politicians, Bankers, Doctors and Educators, as well as prominent members of the Business community and the Media – we wish to sincerely thank all those volunteers for their hard work and diligence.  Besides working hard on their routines with their dance instructors, the Stars also put a significant amount of time and effort into raising money by selling votes and accumulating pledges.  None of this would be possible without our loyal volunteers, and big-hearted sponsors such as Brink Forest Products, Canadian Tire, Wood Wheaton, Concept Design, Van Horlicks, BK Two-Way Radio and others.  Judy Russell and her dance studio offer professional help, advice and guidance, for which we are truly appreciative.  And then there are the members of Dance North ( and all the instructors who help with the organizing as well as whipping the Stars into shape – we thank them all for their commitment and generosity.

All proceeds go towards supporting the finances required for the many services and pieces of equipment essential to help those in need of medical help, moral support and social provision in Northern BC.  The financial arrangements are strictly organized and prudently administered by each charity involved.  Funds and support flow in from all walks of life including the media and publishing services, direct sponsorship, the actual “Stars” who have sign up, as well as folks who simply attend this gala event with friends, where everyone gets the opportunity to buy votes for their favourite Dance Team, and then later on, dance themselves on an inviting, spacious dance floor to bring in the New Year with style and cheer!

Support comes in many forms, but it is toward the business community that we look for substantial support to this very worthy cause.  It is well recognized, of course, that the true success of any benefit relies heavily on corporate sponsorship.  By giving to this annual event, corporate philanthropy and generosity is supporting caregiving services that provide assistance and help for needs throughout our northern community.  Sponsorship is acknowledged at our event in several ways, such as being announced verbally during the event as well as being included on all materials that publicise the event, including Media advertising and social media exposure.

If you have an interest in getting involved in our next event, please call Paz or Peter – for any potential sponsors, we will be more than happy to give you a brief overview of the financial structure of “Boogie with the Stars” and how it has helped organise and funnel donations over the years, which by the way, collectively now totals well over the quarter million dollar mark.

Look for much more to be posted on this website in the months to come.


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Coordinators / Instructors

Boogie with the Stars (BWTS)